Nodezilla 0.4.37

Exchange folders anonymously with this P2P client


  • Allows you to share files quickly and anonymously


  • Uses too much sluggish Java

Very good

Nodezilla is a quick and easy way of exchanging files anonymously across the internet by using nodes.

It's not only useful for swapping files but Nodezilla also offers other features such as chatting, video streaming, multicasting and photo sharing. The way Nodezilla caches files means that it can send files in half the time that P2P network normally does. it also does not clog up your bandwidth because it reduces network congestion by localizing access traffic. It's also a remarkably secure way of sharing data because it uses complex algorithms and distributed networking among multiple users which act as a "mirror". In this way, the file is always available no matter if the source has disappeared. The only downside is that the program runs on Java which is always a bit sluggish at the best of times. This does open up the option however of allowing you to control the client remotely, a bit like with eMule

For quick, easy and anonymous file sharing of secure items, Nodezilla is a solid and efficient solution.

Basically, Nodezilla is an experimental grid based p2p system available for Windows and Linux (on Intel platforms). Technically, Nodezilla is a secured, distributed and fault tolerant routing system (aka Grid Network).

Its main purpose is to serve as a link for distributed services built on top of it (like chat, efficient video multicasting streaming, File Sharing, secured file store ...). Nodezilla provides cache features; any server may create a local replica of any data object.



Nodezilla 0.4.37

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